The first among the various Fungus Eliminator Review  foot problems toe nail fungus, athlete’s foot, plantar warts, etc for runners is experiencing pain on the heel and on the plantar fasciitis. If you are not yet aware of it, the plantar fasciitis is the bottom part of your feet and is arched for some people. When the ligament of your foot becomes torn it can lead to an inflammation which in turn makes you feel pain on the heel part of your feet.

Even though most people who suffer from this foot problem feel the pain whenever they step out of bed in the morning, the case becomes different for most runners. Runners feel this pain on their heel and on the arch of their foot on the first 10 to 15 minutes of engagement in running. To be able to avoid making this pain grow worse, it is best that you pick a really high quality shoes immediately after you experience the pain; you have to make sure that the pair of shoes you pick will be able to excellently support your feet while running.