I then put it off until the next day and the  Memory Protocol Ebook next day and the next day until finally, it became easier to not do it at all. That is how I beat that obsession with trying to find a cat that I could not keep and really wasn’t behaving really well. It all worked out for the best. So you can apply this lesson to your obsessive cleaning as well. You see, you have to slowly expose yourself to the anxiety of not doing your rituals. Once you do this, you will start to feel the burn mentally, just like you do when you are working out.

When you start to work out, you really don’t feel like doing it but you know that you need to. The knowing that you need to keeps your going until your muscles stop being so sore and you get used to it, then you actually love going to the gym because you love how you feel after you work out. It’s the same with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. You need to start facing your anxiety because you know you need to, then when you start to feel victories, you want to continue facing them because you love how you feel when you have a victory.