Though projection in the geodesic dome is not a whole new thing in this era, the projection technology has been evolved in these years. it is the ideal way of 360-degree surround projection. The geodesic dome projection mapping is a one-stop solution for all the projection requirements. Whether it is a concert, opers, or theatre, the dome setup is incorporated with engaging content with this modern promotional tool. Since it is considered as one of the most effective advertising technology for large scale businesses in terms of representing their brands, the corporate houses outsource the service from projection mapping companies.

Well, there are many things which are considered for dome projection mapping such as

Color space differences

The surface characteristics of the dome surface


The resolution capability of the projection system

The dome projection mapping technology can cover a larger area accommodating thousands of people to create an engaging space around them. 

It is an excellent branding tool

Through this technology, you can create audiovisual content for your audience in a creative manner and represent them on a 3D surface. The visuals are always better in terms of creating a positive impact on the minds of your audience. So, most of the business units represent their brand through this technology at various events.

Considering the effectiveness in advertising of the company through 3D visuals, most of the business houses adopt this technology for future events. For that, they outsource the service from professional companies.