The thermal paper is a special kind of paper that allows printing through heat. The thermal paper is used as a means for recording media with the help of heat. The thermal printer prints on thermal paper only without using ink. The thermal paper is coated with certain chemicals so that it changes its colour to black when exposed to heat. The thermal printers are also small, lightweight and compact and are low-maintenance. The thermal printer hardly breakdown unlike the normal printers and there is no need to re-fill the ink.

Many businesses have switched to thermal paper for receipts as the cost and the maintenance is less. The thermal paper gives accurate prints so it is used in many sectors where accurate printing is required. The sector such as healthcare where everything depends on the reports uses thermal paper. A person’s life can be risked with printing errors of the reports. So, there is a need for thermal paper for smudge-proof, reliable and accurate printing.

The thermal paper roll suppliers have also gained more business with time as the demand for paper roll has been increased. The thermal printers create no sound while printing and the printing on thermal paper lasts for years. This feature allows one to save the receipt for a longer period and even for the auditing purposes. The thermal printing takes very less time for printing and is efficient. So, these are enough reasons for businesses to switch over the thermal paper. They not only save money but the time as well.