As you look through these three alternative health methods you can see a common thread. If we work with our body it will heal itself. Our Organifi Gold Tea body was made by our Creator-Redeemer God to heal itself. On a smaller scale, if we cut our finger it will heal itself. The same is so when our body is stressed by diseases, drugs or other modern-day health stressors. Remove the stress and our body will take care of the rest. This is very simple. Good sense will lead us to this conclusion. Perhaps it is time for us to “take charge of our own health.”

One last thing. Complicated problems most often have simple solutions. When a paratrooper is falling out of an airplane the simple solutions is to pull the ripcord. If a person is in a burning building, the solution is to get out of the building. If a car is out of control and heading toward a person, the simple solution is to get out of its way. The same is true with physical, emotional, and spiritual problems. Remove the cause of the problem and the symptom will vanish away.The 10 commandments to good health listed in my previous article will take you a long way toward restoring your health. If you want ultimate health bad enough to make some lasting changes, this is a good starting place.