The term green card is used for the purpose of permanent immigration. With this card, the traveler, employers, students, and others can enter into the United States and can reside their permanently or for a limited time. Hiring a professional green card lawyer is a bit difficult in the United States, the green card service seeker can do a quick search for green card lawyer Rosenbergto get the appropriate law assistance. All the services offered at law service assures to give cent percent law assistance with full transparency. The major benefit of adopting the service is that the lawyers are efficient enough and having a certified law license to offer quality assistance. 

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Typically, the method of immigration to the United States with a green card is of two types such as  

The immigrant may avail permanent residency with a green card without any numerical limitation.

Immigrants aspiring to reside in the United States with a yearly limitation are again categorized as family-based, employment-based, and diversity immigrants.