As it is more widely called, information technology, or IT, sounds scientific, heavy, and changing. Of course, there is a technological side to it all that involves all the computer science nuts and bolts, along with the design, creation, installation, and, of course, implementation of such systems, but all we need to know as an end-user is where and how to obtain that knowledge. The entire area of information technology is vast beyond imagination, and 1000 jobs have been created where jobs have never existed. Some would say that we have seen more job losses than gains because of it, but I agree that with any significant changes to the system of jobs, there will always be two steps back to take one step forward before the transformation is complete. We now see many more people seated at tables with computers and keyboards with the introduction of IT in the workplace than we say guys out in the open air swinging pickaxes. It does have its disadvantages in that it is continually changing, considering all the advantages of information technology. Okay, so nothing remains forever, but this technological age in which we live is evolving so rapidly that if you stay away from it for a few months, you might find yourself in a steep curve of learning to catch up where you left off a short while ago. Even what used to be known as ‘unqualified’ labour now finds that employees are assisting in their job by managing computers and peripherals. Since they have the toughest time of all keeping up with the new trends, another concern is for part-time staff. But whether you like it or loath it, IT is here to stay, and no matter who you are or what you do, there will be moments when you need to be mindful of it. In the modern era, IT seems to have touched every aspect of our lives. From shopping to banking, to work applications, to contact in writing. It’s easy, it’s convenient, it’s terrifying, and yes, it has some flaws, but it will settle down with continued creativity, growth and implementation and it will no longer be a subject for discussion but a way of life.