The rental industry spans a wide area and Video Creatox  therefore, there are many types of rental software for each type of business. Rental software is software that allows the various people in the hire and rental industry to manage their business. It is a great choice for those who are managing multiple units to enable them keep track of the tenants, expenses and other related issues.One type of this software is the real estate holdings management software. It is the most common type and is available in a number of versions making it a flexible option as many businesses dealing with real estate can find nay type that is suitable  to their needs. It comes with the feature that allows the user to combine different tasks or products. In this type, users may select software such s apartment software, property management software among others.

DVD rental software is another type of software that allows the user to keep track of the videos that have been rented out. It comes with an easy to use look-up strategy that enables the user to track all the titles of the available movies. It also features a great customer account checking system alongside an easy to use the transaction processing system. In addition to all these features, it also comes with detailed revenue and sales report as well as a report on overdue video rentals to enable the user makes the necessary adjustments.The equipment leasing rental software helps the user organise their inventory by creating various categories and sub categories leading to simplification of paper work. It comes with the feature that allows the user to keep track of their inventory as well as to check the order status. The payment history is also displayed and comes with the different types of payments such as checks, cash, credit card and others.