The bluefin tuna type does not taste or smell like rotten tuna. Named after a gang known for smuggling weeds into the United States via tuna cans! This black tuna strain provides intense body height and heavy relaxation, but also has excellent properties to relieve cramps and stomach upsets, making it ideal for gastrointestinal illnesses.

This is a medicated cannabis strain on the surface, but those who choose the beautiful “flower arrangement” of Atlantic bluefin tuna have enough THC to produce a satisfying, if not luxurious, high height in the buds. You would say it is included.

Want to know more about this strange little flower, named after the saying “Sea Chicken”? Continue reading our detailed black tuna cannabis strain reviews to learn where to find them, how to grow them, and what mental and physical benefits you can expect!

The Atlantic bluefin tuna marijuana strain is actually a hybrid. A genetic cross between lamb bread (Sativa) and the relatively exotic indica hybrid Helifana. 5 Star Organics is said to have developed this strain in British Columbia, with THC content ranging from 18 to 23%.

Atlantic bluefin tuna is not recommended for new users due to its effectiveness. There is also some confusion about the exact classification of black tuna, as some users believe it is indica predominant. However, the general consensus is that this cannabis strain is more or less a 50/50 hybrid.

Black tuna marijuana penetrated the Canadian weed market when it was first announced, but later 5 Star Organics came up with a marijuana marketing genius to make it more attractive in the United States-breeders already. It was named after the Colombian smuggling gang, so we went one step further by actually selling it in (apparently) sealed tuna cans! How stupid!