In conclusion, flaxseed oil is sufficient if fish Up N Go Energy  and its products are a strict no for you, otherwise I would recommend you to go in for a high DHA molecularly distilled fish oil supplement. This will give you all the benefits of omega 3 – be it for heart, brain or for nervous system, or Arthritis, etc without any worry of toxicity.Fish oil supplement being rich source of omega 3 fatty acids are taken by many people these days to compensate the deficiency of omega3 fats. One of the major fish oil supplement benefits when compared to fish is the reduced levels of toxins like mercury, lead, PCBs that fish can accumulate in polluted ocean waters.

Medically proven omega3 or fish oil supplement benefits are enormous; let us discuss top 5 medically proven ones -Benefits during pregnancy: Omega 3 fatty acids are important not only for the baby but for the health of mother too. For baby – it helps in brain, eye and nervous system development, better hand/eye co-ordination, lesser sleep disturbances, etc. And for mother it reduces the risk of postpartum depression, prevent miscarriages, reduce chances of having cesarean, premature and low weight births. This is the reason, pregnant women are recommended on rich omega 3 diet from first trimester. Neurobehavioral advantages: Studies have proved that a large portion of human brain is made up of DHA omega 3 fat, and lower levels of this essential fat results in various mental an well as emotional ailments like – Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, ADD, etc. It is also proven that high levels of these fats increase retaining, concentrating, comprehending skills.