In fact, you may have been able to Advanced Adaptogen Complex sweep them under the rug for years. But, now they are popping up and you do not know how to set boundaries and filter the thoughts and emotions you are feeling.You can try mowing over the issues when they come up, but until you face the root, you will keep dealing with them over and over again. Often the way you act today is shaped by what happened to you earlier in life.You see life through the perspective of what has happened to you. Those experiences loom like shadows. One of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself is to face those shadows.Author Seth Godin, talks about the shadow of the monster. He said often the shadow of the monster is so menacing that you avoid facing it.But if you finally look the monster in the eye, you will see it is not so scary after all. It is only the shadow of the monster that is frightening, and when you face the monster itself, you will no longer fear its shadow.