Deportation is an act of removing a foreigner from the country by the government immigration authorities. There are different reasons for the deportation or the removal proceedings and is usually taken by the government immigration authorities when they deem it necessary. Deportation mainly is done when a foreigner visa or a green card has expired or else if any criminal activity has been committed by the concerned person. 

In simple words, we could say that deportation means forcing someone to leave the country and especially the person who has legal rights to stay in a particular foreign country. Every year you will be able to see hundreds and thousands of are caught and are removed or deported from the country. California deportation attorney is mainly due to criminal violations. Deportation is actually the punishment that is given to a foreigner for committing any criminal violation and has no legal rights to stay in the counter. 

Deportation includes both nationals and the foreigner

The term deportation is equally applicable for both the national, and you could say resident and the foreigner who are non-resident. There are different reasons for California deportation attorney that are carried out in different ways like transportation, extradition, and deportation. Transportation, extradition, and deportation have the same effect but are executed in different ways.

In the extradition process, the accused person is surrendered to the other country on the offense of its laws and is found guilty. Transportation is a process or a punishment for the accused who have committed an offense against the law of the country. And deportation of a foreigner is done because his presence is deemed inconsistency with the public welfare.