The cloud market has witnessed tremendous growth in the last 5 years or so, and things definitely seem to be moving in the right direction. From individuals to large organizations, everyone seems to be developing a need for cloud services. According to a report from Tucson News Now, GMR Data has predicted that the total worth of the cloud market in 2016 will be around $75 billion. As a result, organizations are continuously in search of skilled professionals to help them reap the maximum benefits out of this platform. The cloud computing online training is surely a sensible way to set the first foot forward in the cloud industry.

Different Career Paths are Available

Those who are eyeing a career in cloud computing will be glad to know that, before enrolling for cloud computing training, they get to decide upon which career path would be a better option.

There are some organizations that require particular skills in cloud computing like development skills whereas others search for cloud infrastructure specialists. Basically, every organization requires either IT admins who have good understanding of cloud architecture or IT professionals with particular cloud skills.

Courses are Available in Plenty

The demand for cloud related jobs has led to the popularity of cloud computing certification among budding IT professionals. There are lots of courses in offering that provide aspirants with the opportunity to get a good grasp of different cloud concepts. Popular cloud certifications have been provided below:

Sales force Admin

AWS SysOps

AWS DevOps

AWS Solutions Architect Associate Level

AWS Solutions Architect Professional Level

All these courses serve a great purpose in making the students understand the core cloud concepts that are so essential for a bright start.

Characteristics of Cloud Environments

According to the NIST, all true cloud environments have five key characteristics:


On-demand self-service: This means that cloud customers can sign up for, pay for and start using cloud resources very quickly on their own without help from a sales agent.

Broad network access: Customers access cloud services via the Internet.

Resource pooling: Many different customers all use the same servers, storage or other computing resources.

Rapid elasticity or expansion: Cloud customers can easily scale their use of resources up or down as their needs change.

Measured service: Customers pay for the amount of resources they use in a given period of time rather than paying for hardware or software upfront.

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