Things like soft drinks, biscuits, cakes, potato Glucocell and grain chips, sweets and candy, food bars that pretend to be healthy and hundreds of other processed items in pretty boxes with zero nutrition that we seem to be eating as part of our daily diet. These things really should only be an occasional treat rather than something that is regularly in your healthy diet.If we continue to eat these high sugar and high fat unhealthy refined carbohydrate foods over a period of years our cells can become poor at processing those large amounts of sugar in the blood and become ‘insulin resistant’. Becoming resistant to insulin occurs when the body’s cells resist the high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood.Unable to enter the body’s cells the glucose causes damage to blood vessels and other tissues and organs were it can end up. The pancreas continues to make more insulin to try and clear the blood stream but the body’s cells persist in being unresponsive to the insulin. So you now have high blood sugar levels and high insulin levels, which is a ticking health bomb.