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The DOT NET is a software program framework. It is developed via Microsoft. It consists of a big library and also offers language inter-operability across a few programming languages. Language inter-operability refers the capability of two distinctive languages to engage and operate on the identical type of information structures.

The applications written for DOT NET execute in a software environment. The name of the software surroundings is Common Language Runtime (CLR). It is the digital gadget aspect. The compiled code is converted into gadget code at first. Then it is completed with the aid of computer’s CPU. The CLR presents extra services like exception coping with, reminiscence control, type safety, garbage collection, thread control and many others.


Principles of DOT NET:-

  1. Interoperability

Because pc systems usually require interplay between more recent and older packages, .NET Framework offers means to get entry to capabilities applied in more moderen and older packages that execute out of doors .NET surroundings. Access to Component Object Model (COM) components is provided in System. Runtime Interop Services and System. Enterprise Services namespaces of the framework. Access to other features is via Platform Invocation Services (P/Invoke). Access to .NET features from local programs is via opposite P/Invoke characteristic.

  1. Language independence

.NET Framework introduces a Common Type System (CTS) that defines all feasible records sorts and programming constructs supported with the aid of CLR and the way they’ll or might not have interaction with each other conforming to CLI specification. Because of this selection, .NET Framework supports the alternate of sorts and item instances between libraries and packages written the usage of any conforming .NET language.

  1. Type protection

CTS and the CLR utilized in .NET Framework additionally implement kind protection. This prevents sick-described casts, wrong technique invocations, and memory length troubles whilst having access to an object. This additionally makes maximum CLI languages statically typed (with or without type inference). However, beginning with .NET Framework four.0, the Dynamic Language Runtime prolonged the CLR, allowing dynamically typed languages to be carried out atop the CLI.

  1. Portability

While Microsoft has never implemented the total framework on any machine besides Microsoft Windows, it has engineered the framework to be go-platform,and implementations are available for different working systems (see Silverlight and § Alternative implementations). Microsoft submitted the specifications for CLI (which includes the middle class libraries, CTS, and CIL), C#, and C++/CLI to each Ecma International (ECMA) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO), making them available as authentic standards. This makes it viable for 0.33 parties to create compatible implementations of the framework and its languages on other platforms.

  1. Security

NET Framework has its personal protection mechanism with two popular functions: Code Access Security (CAS), and validation and verification. CAS is based totally on evidence that is related to a selected meeting. Typically the proof is the source of the assembly (whether it is set up on the local device or has been downloaded from the Internet). CAS makes use of proof to decide the permissions granted to the code. Other code can call for that calling code be granted a designated permission. The demand reasons CLR to carry out a call stack stroll: each assembly of every approach inside the name stack is checked for the required permission; if any assembly isn’t granted the permission a safety exception is thrown.


Benefits of Dot Net direction:-

  1. Dot Net helps multiple item-orientated programming languages like C#, visible primary dot internet, J#, C++ and provider-oriented architectures.
  2. For Developers, it affords many gear for building software program web services and home windows computer packages.
  3. Most of the corporations use Dot Net because it provides a relaxed and solid surroundings for the development of software program.
  4. Dot Net gives greater dependable and relaxed connections and may be used in extraordinary gadgets like laptop, clever telephones, pocket PCs and so on.

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