The ability of the neuromuscular system to block those muscles being stretched influences flexibility. Muscle spindles within the neuromuscular system monitor the changes in the length of muscles during flexibility training by involuntary responses to external stimuli when the muscles are stretched, which causes increase in reflexive muscular activity. When the muscle spindles are activated, then the range of motion will be limited automatically. APOPTOTIC AND OXIDATIVE INDICATORS IN ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE link.

The internal environment of an athlete can affect their range of motion as well. For instance, mobility can be decreased immediately when an athlete wakes up after sleeping at night. On the other hand, ten minutes in a warm bath will increase the athlete’s body temperature as well as increase their range of motion.

Thickening or fibrosing is caused by previous injuries to muscles and connective tissues. When this happens this tissue will then be less elastic and less flexible. As a result, it can cause an athlete’s limbs to have a reduction in range of motion as well as become shortened.

The sports lover can’t wait to get out on the court and play, as long as he or she has the right gear. The individual gets a strain from a sudden movement, and the game is over. THE GYMS AND FITNESS CHAINS CLOSED DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC — AND WHAT SOME ARE OFFERING INSTEAD like it.

This could have been prevented if the individual had made stretching a part of his regular routine. Stretching gives the muscles a wider range of motion and strength to handle the hard abuse of indoor cricket.