To Contract or Not To Contract Contracts Promoyze Personal  are part of the business and many vendors require you to enter into a term contract. One of the main reasons for this is ensuring the revenue stream over a period of time. When they can ensure the revenue, you can absolutely negotiate the rate. However, you could get your company stuck with a lot of licenses you don’t use if you have a lot of waves in your recruiting.

I am not personally a big fan of being stuck in a contract for several years and this is not something we require but you will have to decide if this is important for you.Most of us have made an appointment at an office or business, only to find out that when we got there, there was no appointment. Whether you are taking your car in, getting a haircut, or getting your teeth cleaned, nothing is more frustrating than taking time off work, getting ready for your appointment, and then finding out that you wasted your time.