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As stormy economic conditions continue and the recession bites, consumers are increasingly shopping online hoping to find the best deals and bargains. Today, with traditional media declining in importance, companies are looking at online tools as an integral component of marketing strategies. Digital marketing looks set to continue its rapid growth in 2009 and in the years to come. Undeniably, the media and marketing landscape has changed in ways that are fundamental, and long-lasting.

To get the best out of online marketing tools, it is imperative that companies leverage the latest digital marketing tools and techniques for improving customer value proposition and overall competitiveness. Here are a few popular and fast growing online marketing tools.

Starting a blog is the cheapest and quickest way to introduce and announce new product offerings. Blogging platforms can be used to effectively establish a conversation with the consumer.

Engaging customers to become brand advocates through an open, customer-facing approach is best achieved by social networking. Social networking websites are increasingly being used to promote products and services making them a popular medium of marketing today.

User Generated Content in blog comments, video reviews and product reviews leads to better Brand perception, Brand dialogue and Brand engagement. When you allow online users to scrutinize and review your products/services it brings about Brand trust and enhances the word-of-mouth marketing experience.

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