GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized exam that includes analytical, quantitative, reading, writing, and verbal skills. This exam is conducted to check the capability of a student for admission to a graduate management program such as the MBA program. The exam is conducted all over the world, like a GMAT exam in Nigeria. The scores of the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) are very much useful for the admission procedure to the top graduate business schools.

Dates for the GMAT test in Nigeria

The exams are conducted throughout the year, like in Lagos; the exam is done every day of the week from Monday to Saturday. In the same way, the exam is also conducted in Abuja on every Wednesday and Thursday of the week. After the registration, you will be able to see the date for the examination, and the center will also be mentioned there. There are two exam centers in Nigeria, and they are Lagos and Abuja.

In Nigeria, the test takers can only make five attempts for the exam in twelve months for GMAT (Graduation Management Admission Test). It is also essential that for the test taker, it possible to sit only after thirty days of the first attempt. In case if any student contravenes the rule made by the GMAT, then he or she might be ban from any future test for GMAT, and the preset score will also be canceled.

Average passing marks for GMAT test

GMAT exam in Nigeria is a challenging exam for the students to pass, but it very important to get good scores in the exam for the students as he or she will be able to get admission to top business schools through GMAT scores. The schools set the minimum scores for passing various from schools to schools as their minimum marks.

So to know the detailed information about, the scores the students must contact the business schools as the school will be able to provide more information about the exam. After the test, the exam results are declared with 21 days of the exam. The score is available online for the students to check after they login to their account on the official website.

The best thing about the exam is that the exam is conducted in the same pattern all over; only the minimum scores and centers differ. After this exam, it becomes very easy for the student to get admission in the top business school.