The pos or point of sale system is majorly used in outlets and retail stores to manage the finances and billing of the various items, products or goods that are purchased by the consumer. The pos or point of sale system is majorly installed to reduce the time and provide better and efficient billing. They increase the efficiency and make the task very easy for a cash counter person to collect the cash and give the receipt to the customer of his purchase. There are a lot of things that work in accordance with one another to make the pos system work efficiently. The POS system is used by many people and different business. For example, Café POS systems are used in cafés to make the bill and receipt for the customer. Whereas, in movie ticket booking the POS system works to provide you the ticket at various seats and of different timings.

Working of a POS system

The working of a pos system depends on your needs and requirements. In order to setup and use the POS system the user manages the software and hardware capabilities of the pos system according to its need.

The following are the key components of a pos system that are required for its setup and working:-


For a pos system to work, we first need a software that is capable of handling the task of sale and purchase if various good, items or products. It should have the algorithm and the database through which it can fetch the barcode details and get the name and price of a particular product or item which needs to be purchased by the customer. The software is designed in a way that it can manage all the listed items and provide the total cost of the items that are purchased by the customer.


The hardware of a pos system plays a major role in making the communication of software with the database, so that it can know the products information. The hardware communicates with the software to generate the total amount of the purchase and print the receipt. Some of the hardware components used in pos systems are:-

Barcode scanner

Card machine

Printer (for printing the receipt)

Counter for cash

Network devices like computer

Therefore, in case of café POS systems, your bill is generated with the parallel simultaneous interaction of software and hardware components all together. Thus, making efficient for both the seller and the customer to maintain a record of sale and purchase respectively.