We are going to use 2 examples to illustrate Ultra Fast Keto Boost  this.Let’s look at the ball crunch or an abdominal crunch on the floor. When you think of work in the equation, think about calorie and energy expenditure. It is safe to assume that you will cover a distance of one foot while doing a ball crunch. When you extend around the ball and finish in somewhat of a seated position, that distance represents one foot in our example. I am going to assume the weight you are moving is 40 pounds, considering you are only moving your upper body.

That means that the work being done is approximately 40 lbs x 1 foot. Usually you would measure this in Newtons and metres in physics but I am going to make this easy to understand by using lbs and ft. So 40 lbs is the force and 1 foot is the distance which gives us 40 “Newton meters”. I have fudged the data, but you get the idea.Now, let’s look at the example of a full body exercise such as a clean press. You start with the weights at floor level and end with them pushed above your head. It is an Olympic-type movement and I use a lot of them in my workouts.