Boost Xtra And how to fight them: 1. Erectile disorder Erectile disorder (ED) is very commonplace – it influences approximately 1/2 of guys aged between 40-70 yr olds. It can be a symptom of different medical situations, inclusive of diabetes or being at excessive danger of coronary heart disease, so it’s vital to talk on your doctor. Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and scientific lead at Patient.Info, instructed The Sun Online: "It’s additionally essential to keep in mind that extra alcohol is an extremely commonplace cause of ED. "In latest years, numerous capsules have been evolved to deal with ED – Viagra is possibly the great known however there are several others, which paintings for special lengths of time. "They’re powerful for about 4 in 5 guys and are now available from many pharmacists, as well as on prescription. "It’s in reality important now not to be tempted through reasonably-priced e-mail.