This topic is not meant to scare you but Enhanced Keto Fuel rather should be considered a word of caution that diabetes should be taken seriously. Even a person with well maintained diabetes is at greater risk for health complications as you can see from the facts below.This is one topic I would cover more with your doctor or dietitian as they will be able to guide you much better than I. What I can say is different types of carbohydrates are absorbed into the body in different ways and over different periods of time. With that certain foods will have a bigger impact on your blood sugar even though the total carbohydrate count may be the same.• Periodontal, or gum, disease is more common in people with diabetes. Among young adults, those with diabetes have about twice the risk of those without diabetes.This one is pretty much self-explanatory but if you are in a pinch and suffering from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) eating or drinking anything with sugar or carbohydrates will usually correct the problem. The trick it to only have a few skittles, life savers, or fruit snacks to raise your blood sugar to the appropriate level and not eat too much and end up with hyperglycemia.

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