That’s almost enough calories for an entire day crammed into a small 5 inch wide slice of dessert. This is one of the main dangers desserts present and why it’s a good habit to try and avoid them as often as possible.One final option you have is to see if you Vanitrol Male Enhancement can’t share with someone else and put their portion directly onto a separate plate so it’s not in front of you any longer. At least this way you’ll cut out half the calories from this dessert.Be also aware if you have to deal with leftovers especially if the Thanksgiving festivities take place at your home. That’s why for some, even though the Thanksgiving holiday is actually just one day, it still may find a way to wreck havoc on a health and fitness goal for a couple of weeks. Enjoy the time with family and friends, but enjoyment does not mean you have to stuff your mouth to the point of overeating day after day.