In addition to being able to concentrate better, studies also suggest that marijuana can help with sleep problems, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Interestingly, studies show that people with the most severe symptoms of tend to use marijuana more frequently. Men and women also seem to use cannabis for different reasons. Despite the strong relationship between the use of marijuana and, more research is needed to determine the specific benefits of marijuana in the treatment of the condition. Medical marijuana is increasingly popular in the US and all over the world. It can be used to treat many diseases, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease and epilepsy. Although the use of medical cannabis to treat the disease is not widely accepted, some doctors support the idea. “I had a patient who accredited graduating with his use of marijuana. And I had a PhD student who credited that with marijuana he was able to get his doctorate, and that is because it helped him concentrate, ” says Dr. Bearman, a doctor in California who regularly prescribes marijuana to patients. Unfortunately, most doctors are reluctant to recommend cannabis due to lack of research. In addition, since affects children more than adults, many are concerned about the risks of giving marijuana to younger patients. “As a pediatrician, I feel tremendous sympathy for families looking for new and beneficial therapies for diseases such as autism and ADHD,” writes Scott Hadland , a teenage specialist at Boston General Hospital . “At this time, however, we cannot conclude that the benefits of marijuana are greater than the risks to children.” Due to the situation and lack of support in the legal medical community of marijuana, most people with ADHD end their use without the advice of a health professional. We leave seven good suggestions on how cannabis can be used to cure and have better health One way to stay fit, consistent, bright and ready for this new year is to achieve the quality of sleep, because, let’s be honest, when you don’t have a good night’s sleep, everything feels like a little off. Although some people need much less and others need much more, a person’s average is around 7 to 8 hours of sleep quality in each night. Lack of sleep can lead to a decrease in melatonin production and the onset of the disease, including cancer. The research has shownthat cannabis can help with insomnia, contributing to a feeling of drowsiness.