The first three gadgets show data from the homepage (your portfolio, top movers, sector summary), while the other five show information about a specific company ( unique boutique value, charts, competitors), but you only need to enter it once. From a simple list of country names to a map with automatically generated descriptions, from a list of companies to a stock portfolio, Google Spreadsheets and other Google APIs can be the bridge. Unfortunately, you can’t save a list of feeds or connect them with certain companies. In April 2020, the world’s most-followed investor, Warren Buffett, confessed he made a mistake by investing in airline companies and exited this sector for good. The Croronovirus is predicted to disrupt China until at least April. It’s enough to write in a column the name of two or three countries from South America and you can obtain the rest of the countries, their capitals, a description from Wikipedia.


So why aren’t customers satisfied with Google? “The average consumer that goes to Google today doesn’t see anything different than from three years ago,” thinks Larry Freed, president of Foresee Results, and he’s right. Google launched a similar feature four years ago, but it was removed really fast because it scraped data from Network Solutions without permission. Google Finance has a very cool new feature that lets you plot the items from a feed on a stock chart. In addition to the articles from Google News, there’s a new tab with blog posts and another one that lets you view the posts from a feed. Google Finance lets you filter the posts from the selected feed using the “search within items” option. This week, Yahoo started to add SiteAdvisor’s warnings next to search results. As I wrote last week, there is no catalyst yet for a bearish impulse for stocks yet. This analysis suggests that a sharp correction is ahead for stocks collectively and especially so for high dividend paying stocks. Investing in Chinese stocks offers the potential for attractive returns, due in part to the massive size and rapid growth of China’s economy.

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