Immigration is the process by which an individual becomes a permanent residents or citizens of another country. Immigration not only helps people to enhance their knowledge but also help the nation to make their economy stronger. The reasons for immigration of people from one country to another country are to find better work opportunities and to have better living conditions; another strong reason of immigration is education.

Students of developing countries are going to developed countries to have better education. It is quite evident in the technology sector also that after the graduation to have better job opportunities. Generally, the immigration process takes minimum six months, the period may extend 24 months, and it includes lots of paper work and for the guidance of completing all the paper work related to immigration a good Immigration lawyer is required.

California deportation attorney are highly in demand as people are more interested in immigration now-a-days for better life style. As every coin has two faces, same immigration also has darker side too. Immigration also increase the crime level in the countries some firms somehow with the manipulation of papers manage to immigrate people from one country to another country and by this process this leads to increase in crime in the countries. Immigration sector is doing great in the international market, Immigration lawyers are very much in demand, they are earning good money, and they are making great efforts to help people to mobilize from one country to another country.