Many people tend to overexpose their eyes to the sunlight. Unfortunately Eagle Eye 911 Review  the UV rays in the light are harmful and will cause some horrible outcomes onto their eyes. Particularly the atmospheric layer was ruined greatly by the use of CFC’s in the past few decades. Still more and more people tend to work and do some activities under the sun. And the result is their eyes are menaced and damaged by UV radiations.

Another very important reason is our living conditions are surrounded and damaged by some fatal pollutants either chemically or biologically. And such pollutants will lead to MD directly as a result. For example smoking may increase the risk of getting MD for some chemical substances in the tobacco may lead to this disease.

Furthermore if one always takes in very bad foods he may run very high risk of getting MD. For some essential and important substances can not be gained from foods.In addition there are also many other factors that may also lead to MD including sufferers’ family history race age gender living habits and physical conditions etc.