As mentioned earlier, the story of what “Indica” is and what “Sativa” is is most accurate when discussed as a subspecies of cannabis, and therefore which plant is which. Think of pottery leaves. What does it look like? If it’s short and wide, you’re actually thinking especially about Indica. If you want to learn about Indica vs Sativa?

The leaves of the indica plant are wide and short because of their short flowering period. Its flowering period can make them a more popular option for growing and a much easier option for growing marijuana in less hot climates. When one season moves to the next, cannabis indica is much more likely to bloom than Cannabis sativa.

In addition, planting Indica generally yields higher yields than Sativa.

Indica folklore is that it is ideal for night use. Indica is marketed as a sedative and is suitable for relaxation and sleep attempts. Part of this lore is that indica is said to have high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. Its effect on the body is also very helpful in relieving pain. The relaxation factor means that it is often recommended for anxiety, which is an important factor in pushing medical marijuana. It is also called an appetite stimulant for some people. Therefore, Indica strains are known to give users body height rather than head height.

What are the specific strains of cannabis that can cause these reactions? According to a 2011 study, terpene milsen not only gives an earthy scent, but also has a narcotic effect. Another common terpene in the strain advertised as Indica is linalool, which is said to relieve anxiety in addition to being a narcotic. These may be more commonly found in marijuana advertised as Indica, but may also be found in some Sativa strains as more matings lead to hybrids.

Remember the pottery leaves you imagined. Was it bigger and spinny than Indica? Next, imagine a Sativa leaf.

Sativa plants have long summers, are much more endemic to warmer climates, and take longer to fully bloom than Indica. The plant grows much higher than the Indica plant and the leaves are much thinner than the Indica leaves. Its height can make it difficult for Sativa to grow indoors.


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