Your wart can be soaked in warm water  Organixx Collagen to soften it before you then scrub it over firmly with a piece of pumice. This is a long process that you will need to repeat daily for around three months.Your immunity can be boosted by an injection which is administered to the wart. This will help your body to fight the virus that causes the warts. There are also other injections that can be given to destroy the virus itself so that the wart will die and disappear. The injections can be uncomfortable when they are undertaken and can also cause irritable reactions on the skin.

Alternatively, some natural treatments can be used. These types of treatment have been passed down through generations and so used for a long time. They are very affective and because they are made from gentle products, are not harmful in any way. If you choose to do some research you will find that it is easy to find many home treatment methods that will solve the problem of your stubborn warts.Warts are a completely different type of skin condition to moles. They can sometimes look alike and this can cause some confusion.