Our feet are a big part of our lives even though Keravita Pro  we rarely think about them unless they are causing us some sort of pain. If we fail to take proper care of our feet we may be in for some serious issues later on in our lives. It is important that we are careful and properly take care of our feet as best we can.Despite the fact that feet may not be the most glamour parts of the body they are very complicated. Your feet have over one hundred muscles and tendons in them. There are thirty two joints and twenty six bones in each of your feet. If any one of these things that make up your feet has a problem you will know it pretty quickly.

It is said that the average person will walk over ninety thousand miles within their life time. With this much wear and tear on your feet you may have a problem or two with them throughout your life timeIf you want to have total health it is important that you keep your feet healthy. Having unhealthy feet can affect your body in many ways. You may notice that your posture starts to suffer or that you are having back pains or other problems. You depend on your feet for a firm foundation but if they are not properly taken care of they will not be able to provide this.