Weight Loss Methods – Tips and Tricks


weight loss methods are such an Pharmalite XS Keto advantage in the battle for a hot sexy body that it’s surprising more people aren’t aware of them. Asian women have been able to lose weight quickly for generations without having to kill themselves working out or going hungry for days, even just after giving birth! Today we’re going to look at a secret Asian weight loss method you can use to win the battle of the bulge!

It’s Worth Mentioning Briefly


This goes without saying, but it’s worth mentioning briefly Asian women don’t find their size  2 figures in a bottle of pills, or in a potentially dangerous medical procedure, or by going on a “cleanse” diet where we’re drinking lemon water for two weeks! Stay away from any of these “hot new trends”, as 99% of the time it’s a nonsense scam designed to take your money and potentially cause you health problems down the road. You don’t need these shortcuts, it’s easy to get the body you want just by following a few routines Asian women do as a part of their normal routine.

My Chinese Mother used to feed my sisters and I this strange thing she called a mushroom when we were kids, and I had no clue why until many years later when she told me it was actually a trick to keep us healthy and thin! Now I understand why after reading the scientific research papers on the mushroom, which is officially called “cordyceps sinensis”, as the results it provides are impressive in terms of weight loss and health.


What Happens When People Consume It 


To sum up the main Asian weight loss method behind eating cordyceps sinensis revolves around what happens when people consume it. In independent tests, people who had 10g of the mushroom at every meal (a little over a tablespoon) ate 35% fewer calories than the same age group that wasn’t given the mushroom.


Today We’re Going To Look At A Secret Method Weight Loss 


More amazing, the test group that ate the mushroom experienced a body fat reduction of 5%, even though they were on the same basic non-exercise routine as the group not eating it! This translates into approximately 5 10 pounds of pure fat lost per person,