Haven’t We Seen You Before

We ask this question because Kelly Osbourne Weight loss the amount of returnees to the X Factor in 2013 seems to be huge. In the three weeks of being back on our screens there has been countless occasions where it has been reminded to us that a particular singer had already auditioned.

Amount of returnees to the X Factor

Amy Motram, Jade Richards, Kelly Osbourne Weight loss Melanie McCabe, Stephanie Woods, Dolly Rockers, all hopefuls for 2013 and all names that have sang in front of those judges before. But have they really gone away and perfected their performance or are the X Factor’s producers now just scraping the barrel of talent?

Perhaps before casting aspersions Kelly Osbourne Weight loss though it should be a case of looking on an individual basis. Take Stephanie Woods for example, she was just 14 when when she first auditioned, perhaps too young to be in such a competition, but first time round she did make it to the Judges’ House stage of the competition.

All hopefuls for 2013

Now 20 though, she’s back and wowing the judges, receiving a unanimous “yes” to put her through to the arena auditions. She even reduced former mentor Sharon Osbourne to tears! Perhaps Stephanie summed up her return to the competition best, she told the judges “I’ve said if I don’t get through today or this year then it’s not meant to be but I want it so bad now, I’m so ready”.

This year’s X Factor has seen the return

It’s not just individuals making the return either, groups are doing it too. This year’s X Factor has seen the return of Dolly Rockers who previously competed in the third series of X Factor back in 2006. The girl group, complete with a line-up change weren’t so successful however with the judges sending them home after their arena audition last week.