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Al you have to do is consume the health supplement on daily basis to see yourself change for better. Keto Engaged does not cost you much and also does not make use of any extra time from your already busy schedule. It is the best weight loss option one can get. The body weight is governed to a large extent by the metabolic rate. The body’s ability to burn down fat and get rid of it is determined by the metabolic rate. Using Keto Engaged the metabolic rate of the body increases. This way you can get rid of fat at a quicker pace. Even the appetite of your system has a role to play in your weight control regime. If you eat more carbs you will obviously put on more weight. So Keto Engaged works by controlling your appetite. For this, it increases the level of the feel-good hormone- Citrate Lyase in your body. This way you stay away from stress eating and follow a healthy food intake pattern.