Remember, this can be a Flat Belly Tea  roller coaster ride, but my best advice is hold on tight and do what it takes to get off this ride in a safe, positive, healthy and loving manner. Use caution and seek professional guidance when deciding to take any pharmaceutical product.
There is absolutely no doubt that water is a natural appetite suppressant. Replace juice and soda with water since that juice and soda adds 90,000 calories to an average person’s diet every year.

Lack of water can lead to over eating. Brain does not differentiate between hunger and thirst, so when you think you are feeling hungry; your body may in fact be signaling to you that you are thirsty. If you are not consuming enough water each day and you feel hunger pains, chances are, your body really is crying out for water. In many instances people will find what they thought were hunger pangs were in fact, satisfied by water. Drinking water infact promotes health in general by keeping you well hydrated and cool.