If we know that, and we go with Ultra Manifestation Review the flow of it in our waking life too, we become empowered by it, rather than going back to whatever reality we experienced yesterday. It’s a sign from our subconscious mind that we are stronger than we might think, and it also gives us an inner feeling of complete peace, a knowingness that All really is well. That everything is as it suppose to be.

I love the power of our subconscious mind, and what I have done for long time is that sometimes, when I have been unsure about what path to chose, or felt a bit confused at times about what to do and so on, I have turned to my subconscious mind at night, just before I fell asleep. The thing I do is that I ask, or tell kindly, not in a demanding way, my subconscious mind to show me pictures of what it is that lies ahead, and what the right action might be for me to take, and it never fails.