For example, if you are targeting, Point Profit Autonomy  say, the Spanish-speaking market in the United States, you might not want to ignore the language’s European home. According to Nielsen Online, which tracks Internet home-versus-work usage in key countries, the number of home users has been increasing everywhere except in Italy, where it declined 1.2 percent during a representative month last year. Growth was highest in Spain +6.4%, healthy in the United States +3.4% and Brazil +3.1%, slow in Australia 1.5% and Japan +1.4%, and anemic in Germany +0.7% and the United Kingdom +0.6%.

Did you know that, for a while at least, among social networking sites… that Classmates Online was growing faster than FaceBook. MySpace has all but stalled and Yahoo Groups seems to be shrinking. Meanwhile, upstarts like Sodahead and Tagged are expanding exponentially, yet nowhere near as fast as AOL Community. But maybe that was last month.