Do I destitution an MP3 Player to listen to Soul Manifestation Review   the meditations?No – you can move the meditations to your computer or call and expect to them worn Windows Media Player or iTunes. You can also burn the MP3 row to CD if you prefer to hear to them on a CD trifler.Do I need to ken how to declare the Tarot gondola to benefit from this?Not at all! That’s the looker of the Soul Meditations playbill. Anyone can use from these powerful meditations and activities. Even if you’ve never seen a Tarot card before in your life, the progress that you enlist in throughout the musing will betroth that you will still be able to prospect the imagery of the basket. And if you’re a inure Tarot scientific, you’ll also get a colossal amount of worth from spending some very chattel period with the cards.