Shatter Pens Canada has become more popular in recent years. Vaporizing, or inhaling vapors, uses vapors to distribute cannabinoids into the bloodstream. Different vaping devices are available to suit the needs of different users and are recognized as an easy and unobtrusive way to consume cannabis.

Smoking cannabis has only become commonplace in recent years, but the habit has been around for a long time. The first patent for e-cigarettes was filed in 1963. The invention was not mass-produced, but 40 years later, pharmacist Hon Lik patented Ark Pen and Ark began. In 2014, global sales of vaping devices were just under $ 5 billion. Market research firm iMarc predicts that by 2018, the global market has doubled to $ 11.5 billion.

The vapor-related lung disease that occurred in 2019 has recently cast doubt on the belief that vaporization is a safe alternative to smoking. Vapor-breathing studies can help you understand the cause of this crisis and whether vaporizing is still a safe way to consume cannabis.

What are you smoking

Vapor-breathing devices such as e-cigarettes, stoners, and mods can be filled with different cannabis extracts or concentrates in different forms. The most common are distillates, which are highly refined oils that contain very little cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Special concentrates, such as CO2 oils, grinds, and full-spectrum extracts, contain a variety of cannabinoids and offer a variety of experiences.

Everyone is allowed to treat cannabis and cannabinoids in slightly different ways, but people often argue whether vaping makes you higher than smoking.

Vaping heats, extracts or concentrates cannabis flowers to release cannabinoids and terpenes without igniting plant materials or producing smoke. Many people claim that less cannabinoids are destroyed because cannabis flowers and concentrates are heated at low temperatures and do not contain smoke.

Decomposition of the cannabis concentrate used for tapping was the subject of a 2017 Portland State University (PSU) study. Researchers have discovered that tapping a pen to vaporize “can produce significant amounts of toxic degradation products when used at high temperatures.”

The authors also pointed out that the addition of terpenes as a fragrance was also a concern. Terpenes are volatile and easily oxidize when heated. Currently, there is little research on what happens to the chemical structure of terpene additives at high temperatures