Martial arts are a unique part of the Chinese cultural heritage with time-honored history. They symbolize the Chinese culture and spirit from one aspect. Martial arts have been developed for self-defense and health-keeping throughout human history. Nowadays, more and more people are practicing martial arts because of the benefits.In the martial arts practice, sometimes, the players have to retreat one step to be well-controlled and get advantageous position. This is accordance with one of Chinese famous saying which goes like this: Tolerance makes space. This kind of mentality is good for the solidarity of all people and helpful for the establishment of harmonious society.Chinese martial arts put emphasis on the relationship between the body and the mind. In fighting, it is very important to achieve “changing according to different ketophin opponents”, and “getting opportunities through defending”. These training principles are good for the players’ flexibility, which is necessary in daily life and career. They can change their ways or principles to deal with different situations.