Jenny Woo here with all the latest gossip from the world of online gambling including what’s become of Are and Real Time Gaming (RTG) on the sales block?

Let’s take a look at For the past few years, SIA has relied solely on third party marketing firm Webstorm Media. Without warning, immediately following the passage of UIEGWA or whatever the hell that online gambling law was, Webstorm and all their people went MIA leaving gambling portals and other ad venues screwed. Many claim to have entered into long term contracts, none of which were honored by Webstorm. felt mortified based on our conversations with them but trying to get a hold of anyone there was like trying to find a prostitute in Vatican City.

Since October, their Alexa numbers have crashed. was once among the top 5000 sites. Now they can barely crack the top 40,000. Bummer!

The irony of this all is that seems to be able to process both deposits and withdrawals these days while competitors are having a tough go of it. Their Swiftpay processor operators right on site, so that is sure to help.

……Word on the street is that, one of the first online sportsbooks and casinos is looking to either partner up with or be purchased outright by a big dog in the industry….I can’t say who though. My editor is forcing my lips to remain sealed. No jokes about this being the first time that’s ever happened lol….well, then again. announced they were no longer taking US or Canadian customers, which through everyone for a loop since Canada has for the most part been immune to what’s transpiring in the US with recent legislation.

They still take European customers but – like most of the companies that have focused on the North American market – their Euro customer base is not believed to be that extensive. declared they will focus on their loyal long term customers, which one would suspect they have a lot of being in business since 1997 and taking over last year along with some other companies.

Processing issues and concerns over pending legislation have waiting to jump back into the US market again….but like I said, they might be doing so with a partner. So stay tuned. On the rumor scale, Jenny gives this three out of four orgasms.

….Now onto Real Time Gaming (RTG). Yes, we can confirm they are selling off assets.

Tommy Jensen of reports that a very reliable source that a large internet gambling company has purchased the source code and programming team of Realtime Gaming (RTG). The new ownership’s plan for RTG are unknown at this time. reports the same

Jenny gives this one four out of four orgasms on the rumor scale, which basically means I can’t say anything else because this one is true, true, true.

This is Jenny Woo reporting for the Jenny Woo Rumor Mill.