Investing Simplified
Intelligence and expertise at
your fingertips

Stockal is an investment intelligence platform that seeks to help you manage your stock investments better. It presents assimilated data, information and signals to help you reduce the amount you have to spend on researching stocks, talking to advisors, reading and following latest news updates and analyzing historic price-trends to – hopefully – predict future stock price movements. Stockal goes through thousands of online sources, processes millions of data points every day and curates just the kind of information you might need for making better investing decisions.

We hope that with more time at hand, you will be able to create better strategies and come up with interesting investing ideas. All in all, hopefully you’ll trade better!

That said, Stockal is still young and constantly evolving, improving. We would really appreciate your critique, ideas and thoughts for making Stockal better and hopefully the only stock market app you need to use.

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