Buyer’s guide to 22 KT Gold Jewelry

What comes to your mind; when you think of jewelry? The first thing that strikes on every mind is gold. The basic element in almost all the types of jewelry, irrespective of style, design, or the gemstones it holds, the major component is gold. It’s the strength of gold that embraces the design, the detailing, the delicacy, the extravagantness, and upholds the brilliance of the gemstone to complement your sense of style for those special occasions or casual meetings. Gold brings all the bits and pieces of your vision for the masterpiece together by adding grace and exquisite shine to the ornament, which reflects a tinge of bright and vibrant orange making your skin look radiant.

Have you ever wondered why only gold is used in making jewelry?  What makes it so unique and desirable that it beats the rest of the metals, wins the race, and goes into making ornaments? There is more to gold than its strength and luster that makes it felicitous for the job. It passes remarkably the test of time as it doesn’t tarnish and always retains its shine and quality. Apart from these qualities, it is malleable, which makes it easier for goldsmiths to beat it in the desired shapes and forms – it can easily be hammered into sheets, drawn into wires and cast into the shapes as desired.

Like every coin has two sides, gold has the other side of its story, too. Gold, in its purest form, is too soft to endure the stress and strain of jewelry making procedures.  That’s where amalgamation comes to the play giving birth to alloys.

Alloying gold with other metals like silver, copper, zinc and platinum increases its endurance as well as durability. However, the percent of these metals is lesser than the gold involved. To make it easier for people to understand the percent of these alloys of gold in the jewelry, a standard of trade, popularly known as Karat, was developed that informs us how many parts, by weight, of pure gold is present in the 24 parts of the alloy. For example – gold in the purest form is known as 24 karat gold, represented as  24K. An alloy that has only 50% gold by weight is known as 12 karat gold and is represented as 12K. An alloy composed of 75% gold by weight is 18  and written as 18K. Based on the karat value, one can easily derive the percentage of gold involved in it. The jewelry that contains a more percentage of gold is softer and less prone to tarnish. On the other hand, jewelry with lesser parts of gold is harder. Amalgamating gold with other metals also influences the color of the gold based on the percent of the other metal involved.

As mentioned in Wikipedia, here’s the conversion between percentage of pure gold and karats :

  • 58.33–62.50% = 14K (acclaimed 58.33%)
  • 75.00–79.16% = 18K (acclaimed 75.00%)
  • 91.66–95.83% = 22K (acclaimed 91.66%)
  • 95.83–99.95% = 23K (acclaimed 95.83%)
  • 99.95–100% = 24K (acclaimed 99.95%)

Of all the percentages, 91.66 – 95.83 %, which is 22k, is the most preferred percentage of pure gold for making the gorgeous ornaments that people don with pride.  The 22 K contains 22 parts of gold and 2 parts of other metals like silver, copper, zinc, nickel, or other metals. The two parts of the other metals increases the strength and durability of gold in the jewelry.

The jewelry business is one of the most profitable sectors in the market. It always shines and thrives like the gold they sell. There is sometimes an occasion or no specific reason at all to buy jewelry. Irrespective of seasons and events, there is always a high demand for gold jewelry. One of the reasons is that it is a smart way to invest, as well. But the point is if the store is reliable or not as you would be investing quite an amount of your money in the  jewelry so it should be profitable to you instead of landing you in problem. One needs to do his/her homework thoroughly about the  store as well as the quality of gold they sell before making a purchase decision. If you are someone from in and around Irving, you have numerous options. Any jewelry store in Irving offers you the latest designs, be it classic or contemporary, one can find something which makes their heart skip a beat. All that matters is you need to find right and authentic 22KT gold in Irving so that you get yourself a great deal. 

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 Hope this buyer’s guide throws some light on points you need to know before you purchase any gold jewelry.