If you are suffering from hemorrhoid, of  Hemorrhoids Horror Healed course you want to settle with something that will give you permanent cure. Maybe while you are experiencing the pain, you will resort with those medicines that provide temporary relief but once you experience the pain you want to have something that will be a permanent cure.Actually hemorrhoid treatment comes in two forms; the self-help and professional help. There are plenty of hemorrhoid cure that you will find out in the market but nothing can give you the permanent cure. It will better if you are going to have the combination of medical and behavioral treatment. Now you can try some of these tips and check out the re4sult later on.

Fibrous foods are good for those people who have hemorrhoid. Eating foods that are rich in fiber is a good way of preventing hemorrhoid and helps you treating your hemorrhoid. Foods like whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole grain pasta, fruits, nuts and green leafy vegetables are the foods that you must eat.You can also use some ointment or medicated creams to lessen the pain. But using these products does not mean curing your hemorrhoid; it is just a way of relieving you from pain. You can avail these products over the counter.