More and more people spend Mela Luna Sleep Review  most of the days in front of the computer or at their work desk. Hence most people suffer from backaches, spinal problems, legs and hip pains. Using a bad pillow and mattress can further worsen your situation by hurting the shape of your back and shoulder. By modern research and scientific technologies the memory foam pillow is launched. It is a relief given to people suffering from neck and back pains. These pillows are highly popular and used by many people all over the globe.

The memory foam pillow has the capability to take the shape of the body contour of the user giving relaxation to your back and neck. Changing your old pillow can make a difference in your life. The memory foam pillows are of two kinds based on their shape. The neck pillow is like the design of the shape of a valley which provides support to your head, neck and spine. The other type of foam pillow is of the conventional shape. This takes the shape of your head and body. Your body relaxes and gets support while sleeping.