Similar to the different styles for an engagement ring there are also various styles available for men’s wedding bands. Every style will serve a different purpose. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or want to create the perfect wedding set.

Matching bands

Wedding bands which are designed with the same details as engagement rings for women are called matching bands.

Eternity bands

This band features the accent stones around the shank. These wedding bands for women capture the significance of commitment and never-ending love.  You can either choose the same or contrasting style as your partner’s wedding band.

Nesting bands

This band is designed and worn in such a way that it hugs the engagement ring and doesn’t leave a gap between the wedding ring.  

Stand Alone bands

This band can be worn on either your right or left hand. Most of the wedding bands are falling in this category. Sometimes you need to choose a design that is unique and impressive. This is also important because it can be worn without the entire wedding set. This band is not as expensive as other types of wedding bands.

Stackable bands

This is very popular in modern wedding rings. These bands usually have a thin shank so that multiple bands are stacked together on it. Some brides prefer to stack thin and thick bands together. With this, you can also play with the mixed metals for creating contrast or match with your outfit.