You can blame the change in Keravita Pro Review the way you walk on the shoe industry, which is doing all it can to make the environment so comfortable inside your shoe, that your foot forgets how to work naturally. The cushions, supports, heels as well as shock resistance pads, encourage the wearer to land on her heel first. This results in what is known as ‘repetitive stress injuries’ or simply, the stress caused by continuous sudden collision of the heel to the ground.

So, should you run around bare feet from now on. The social norms will not let you live peacefully if you do that. And more importantly, shoes protect us from thorns, rubble, rock and even hot or cold surfaces. But, you must do away with heels in your shoes as well as cushions which are doing bad rather than good. And whenever you can, remove your shoes and walk around on the grass and feel the earth beneath you.