Face wrinkles can be a consequence of losing weight drastically. As you know, part of the face is made up of fat, right? Less fat essentially means less mass holding the skin up. Eventually the skin sags and that’s when wrinkles start to become more visible. Eat something before dinner Learn more.

While losing weight is necessary for many of us, it should be done responsibly, that is to say, with no or very little untoward reactions. Surprisingly or not, that can be done through a slow but steady approach to weight loss.

You might be desperate to lose weight fast, but know that doing it slowly will yield better and longer-lasting results. Here are some practical things to be done in order to lose weight without compromising your beauty:

Eat right. Who says you have to starve yourself to death to lose weight? Losing weight is not about dieting; it’s all about making wise food choices. And what are some wise food choices in this case?

You will need lots of fiber in your diet. Fiber helps you greatly to lose weight as it boosts your body’s metabolism, burning fats faster and getting rid of toxins at the same time.  Caloric restriction, longevity and aging: Recent contributions from human and non-human primate studies hop over to this website.