The solution is simple, we do have the technology to fix this, and people just need to use it. Solar powered homes are starting to become more common place and the beauty of this type of free energy is that it comes with many benefits as well. The government and power plants are starting to offer tax credits for purchasing, installing, and maintaining solar technology Ground Power Generator  in your home. This means that not only do you get money to acquire this technology, save money for using it since your electricity becomes virtually free, but you can actually set up enough panels in your network to sell this power back to the utility company!

You can get your solar rebates by contacting your utility company and asking them how to set it up. The tax credit comes through them usually. Once you set up a plan that gets you set up with solar panels and the whole thing connected to the power grid already in place, you’re all set to apply. You can find more information about these rebates in your area online. There have been many sites set up by the utility companies themselves as well as private businesses, solar panel retailers, and just your common person interested in the science as well. The initial cost of setting this up is a bit high but with the solar rebates and savings on electric bills, it doesn’t pan out to all that much really! Cavity wall insulation grants, an insulation grant scheme announced by governments is a part of the governmental initiative of saving energy and reducing fuel poverty.