Imagine touching your kitchen cabinets and it feeling just like glass. Imagine your cabinets being resistant to oils, stains, dirt, and being easily cleaned with just soap and water, without the need of cleaning products. Imagine a kitchen that feels and looks beautiful. Imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing that you chose the right company to do the job right.

We are your local cabinet painters servicing a large area in GA. Specializing in cabinet painting, cabinet staining, cabinet glazing, and even more home & kitchen upgrades! Refinishing kitchen cabinets is something we love to do because of the outcome we can achieve. A beautiful painted kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity is a call away. We have plenty of before and after photos of kitchens that have personally been painted by us! We are a professional cabinet company.

If your wondering how much your cabinets will cost, just fill out the form and we will give you an approximation without needing to meet. If the approximation is within your budget, we can move forward with an in person estimate and we can show you our kitchen cabinet samples, so you too, can feel our amazing GLASS-LIKE cabinet results. In our industry this is also refereed to “FACTORY FINISHED CABINETS”

repainting kitchen cabinets